Water Concepts for Commercial Businesses

Provide your business with safe crystal clear drinking and save money

  • Provide your staff with clean drinking water
  • Save money on bottled water
  • Avoid waterborne diseases
  • Keep everybody healthy and increase your productivity
  • Earn staff loyalty and give clean water for their families
  • Be more ecofriendly

When did you last check how much your office spends on bottled water? Be careful you could be in for a shock !

Running an office you want to provide clean and safe water for your staff to keep them healthy and energetic. This is why most office owners and managers decide to purchase bottled water. This comes at a high price, the water tends to taste odd and there are limited guarantees that the water is actually safe.

There are anyhow modern alternatives. Aqua Unique has many years of experiences in delivering custom build water purification solutions for offices and businesses. You will be surprised how much money your operation will save.

We design our systems around being cost beneficial to your already exiting operation or new facility. Our water purification technologies ensure you operate your business safely for your customers and staff.

Water purification
There exist a number of different water purification technologies applicable to a commercial business. But if we generalize – the choice really comes down to one technology.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is generally considered as the safest water purification technology for drinking water. The system shall be combined with pre-filtration and post UV-disinfection (UV-C). Reverse Osmosis systems are delivered in a wide range of sizes – with a purified water production from 1.1m3 to +100,000m3 per day. You can surely find providers offering small particles filters or even smaller Reverse Osmosis plants, but believe us – they are not safe and will breakdown after a few months of use.

A Reverse Osmosis water purification plant removes particles, bacteria, parasites, contaminants, viruses, salts, heavy metals, colour, odour and taste from the source water.

The set up
Whatever the size of your office is, how many floors the office spreads over or how many water dispensers you have in place – we can custom design a solution. Together we will locate a convenient place to install the Reverse Osmosis water purification plant. From there we will run hidden pipes to your selected points of usage. At the user point a neatly designed water dispensers (hot and cold water) will be installed.

Water for tea and coffee
Did you know that it is recommended boiling the water for tea and coffee for over 20 minutes to kill all bacteria and viruses? Even if you do that – you can still end up with chemical contaminated water as boiling doesn’t remove chemicals at all.

Please read more about our Reverse Osmosis technologies here and water coolers here.

You are also very welcome to contact us for a discussion on your existing water set up or new development


    A state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis plant producing 100l/hr or 2,400l/day. This Reverse Osmosis Plant removes particles, colour, odour, taste and bacteria


    A slightly larger Reverse Osmosis Plant producing 500l/hr or 12,000l/day.