Water Concepts for Communities

Get access to crystal clear drinking water and enjoy improved sanitation for your community

  • Join a donor friendly water concept
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Give community access to affordable drinking water
  • Avoid waterborne diseases
  • Recycle wastewater and increase profit
  • Improve sanitation for a healthy community
  • Make fertilizer from waste and earn money

Imagine being able to access very affordable clean and healthy drinking water from a nearby located water kiosk, further have access to proper and clean toilets and showers with running hot and cold water 24 hours a day.

Water purification and wastewater treatment solutions for a community depends on a number of factors – the size, the geographic layout of the community, the wishes by the community and of course the funds available.

Aqua Unique has developed some very innovative solutions for centralised and decentralized solutions which focus around environmental and financial sustainability meaning that once the project has been developed it will be self financed going forward, making it very attractive to potential donors and city councils.

One of these concepts we have named:
3Ws: Water purification, wastewater treatment and waste management
– Greening micro-economies for climate benefits


Download the chart here.

In short this concept is tailor made around a PPP (Private Public Partnership) where we have interlinked the 3Ws, Water purification, Wastewater treatment & Waste management.

It is innovative as it provides purified water and sanitation at affordable rates for people living in urban lower class settlements. The 3Ws transfers R&D water technologies and biogas to these areas and relies on organic waste for electricity, powering water systems – generated by a biogas generator. A water purification system will daily produce the required amount of clean drinking water which will be bagged and sold sincerely inexpensive. Sanitation will be provided inform of ecofriendly toilets and showers where the wastewater will be treated properly.

There are a numerous of environmental climate change unique benefits to such set up. Purified water will reduce deforestation as the people in the communities will have no need for boil their water any longer for health reasons. Proper wastewater management will at the same time protect waterways for further pollution. Both aspects are leading CO2 emission reduction.

Water kiosks
Aqua Unique can assist communities to establish profitable and locally owned water kiosks. We are working with two concepts. For concept number 1 will we establish a partnership and supply the water kiosk owner(s) with clean, safe and very affordable water can be sold to the community members. For concept number 2 will we design and sell a complete water kiosk with the required water purification system meeting the need of drinking water per day accordingly to the size of the community.

We are dedicated to support the UN Millennium Development Goals, halving the proportion of people without access to safe water and sanitation by 2015.

Water for tea and coffee
Did you know that it is recommended boiling the water for tea and coffee for over 20 minutes to kill all bacteria and viruses? Even if you do that – you can still end up with chemical contaminated water as boiling doesn’t remove chemicals at all.

Water purification
There exist a number of different water purification technologies applicable to a community. But if we generalize – the choice is really between two systems.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is generally considered as the safest water purification technology. The alternative and less costly is Ultrafiltration (UF). Both systems shall be combined with pre-filtration and post UV-disinfection (UV-C). Reverse Osmosis systems are delivered in a wide range of sizes – with a purified water production from 1.1m3 to +100,000m3 per day. Ultrafiltration meanwhile tends to be applicable to large sized communities as the water purification production starts from 40m3 to +200,000m3 per day. You can surely find providers offering small particles filters or even smaller Reverse Osmosis plants, but believe us – they are not safe and will breakdown after a few months of use.

A Reverse Osmosis water purification plant removes particles, bacteria, parasites, contaminants, viruses, salts, heavy metals, colour, odour and taste from the source water. While an Ultrafiltration water purification plant reduces particles, colour, odour, contaminants, heavy metals, taste and removes bacteria, parasites and viruses from the source water.

Please read more about our Reverse Osmosis technologies here and Ultrafiltration water purification technologies here.

Wastewater systems
Our innovative wastewater plants are environmental friendly using only a biological driven technology called SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor). The process is driven by air which pushes the wastewater from the receiving buffer tank to the treatment tank where the biological aeration phase takes place. Operating the treatment system without any pumps reduces the risks of fault tremendously.

Simple and easy
Aqua Unique’s wastewater systems are delivered fully equipped and ready for installation. On location, only the outer tanks need to be constructed. Connect the pipes and power, and the system is in operation.

Extremely low power consumption
The systems are designed that no pump is required. The only power consumption is for a compressor blowing air into the treatment process. As an example a treatment plant handling 13,5m3 wastewater per day only consumes 1,5Kwa for 11 hours a day making it possible to run it of a solar system. A plant of that size also only takes up the space equally to a 20 foot container. See also the section for Container Solutions here .

High treatment efficiency
The parameters of treated water meet the national discharge parameters without any problems. Purification effect of SBR technology is very high and it is in range of 90 to 97%, (BOD5 ca. 97 %, COD ca. 95 %, SS ca. 96 %, N-NH4 ca. 90 %).

Wastewater treatment for your own benefits
As a sidekick treated wastewater can offer your operation huge savings from having to purchase water as it can manageable be recycled (read purified) and used again for your operation. Alternative treated wastewater water can be used free of charge to irrigate farm land – either through a simple tap system or a more sophisticated piped irrigation system.

You can also read more about our wastewater solutions here.

You are also very welcome to contact us for a discussion on your existing water set up or new development.