Water Concepts for Housing Estates

Optimise your investment, earn money on clean water and gain happy clients

  • Reduce your investment cost
  • Own or part own a private waterworks
  • Provide safe drinking water
  • Avoid waterborne diseases
  • Recycle wastewater and increase profit
  • Water the grounds for free
  • Earn potential carbon credit
  • Differentiate your development

Many real estate developers are very successful in the development of new housing estates and apartments, but only the few have engaged in some of the side earning opportunities. Amongst those are the supply of water and handling of wastewater for the residences and potential neighbouring communities.

Aqua Unique is introducing a new green innovative business model for complete and sustainable water management in East Africa. We have the expertise to design and construct the most advanced, high quality and environmental friendly waterworks and wastewater systems. Our services compromise of borehole drilling, water extraction, water storing, water treatment, piped network, rainwater harvesting, dual water purification of drinking water and multi-usage water and wastewater systems for recycling of greywater and biogas production from blackwater sludge. The innovative design leads to reduced investment and lower operation cost with remarkable carbon emission reduction and possible carbon credit earnings.

Aqua Unique’s outset will always be to try to offer financial sound and sustainable solutions for the investors as well as the end users. Innovative water networks which include water separation where the water is split into two levels. One line is multi-usage water for cleaning, washing and toilet use while the second line is pure drinking water. This is a very efficient way to save capital investment cost. Equally it will often make financial sense in the operation to utilize the sludge from the wastewater to produce biogas which will run a biogas generator which again will run the different pumps within the network – a cost factor especially in hilly estates making the operation cost very high.

Financing & Joint Venture Co-operation
For large scale projects we can offer to enter a joint venture and finance the majority of the required investment capital against ownership in the water and wastewater network and its operation. The financing options are backed by the IFC (The World Bank), The European Investment Bank, Norfund, Swedfund, The East African Development Bank and The African Development Bank.

Water purification
There exist a number of different water purification technologies applicable to a modern housing estates or apartment blocks. But if we generalize – the choice is really between two systems.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is generally considered as the safest water purification technology. The alternative and less costly is Ultrafiltration (UF). Both systems shall be combined with pre-filtration and post UV-disinfection (UV-C). Reverse Osmosis systems are delivered in a wide range of sizes – with a purified water production from 1.1m3 to +100,000m3 per day. Ultrafiltration meanwhile tends to be applicable to medium and larger apartment blocks and housing estates as the water purification production starts from 40m3 to +200,000m3 per day. You can surely find providers offering small particles filters or even smaller Reverse Osmosis plants to be installed at the individual apartment/house, but believe us – they are not safe and will breakdown after a few months of use.

A Reverse Osmosis water purification plant removes particles, bacteria, parasites, contaminants, viruses, salts, heavy metals, colour, odour and taste from the source water. While an Ultrafiltration water purification plant reduces particles, colour, odour, contaminants, heavy metals, taste and removes bacteria, parasites and viruses from the source water.

For new facilities (yet to be constructed) our innovative solutions include water separation where the water is split into two levels. One level will be multi-usage water for cleaning, washing and toilet use while the second line is pure drinking water for food preparation, bathroom sinks and drinking water. This is a very efficient way to save capital investment cost as well later running cost.

Multi-usage water line. Water will be treated by pre media ­filters and environmental friendly UV disinfection ensuring protection against waterborne spread diseases. Water pipes will be protected against precipitation/scaling.

Pure drinking water line. Water will be purifi­ed most commonly by pre media ­filters, Ultrafiltration or Reverse Osmosis technology in combination with environmental friendly extended UV disinfection.

This solution can also be applied to existing facilities, but can as such include more serious water network renovation work.

Please read more about our Reverse Osmosis technologies here and Ultrafiltration water purification technologies here.

Wastewater systems
Our innovative environmental friendly wastewater plants using only a biological driven technology called SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor). The process is driven by air which pushes the wastewater from the receiving buffer tank to the treatment tank where the biological aeration phase takes place. Operating the treatment system without any pumps reduces the risks of fault tremendously. These plants handle up to 150m3 of wastewater per day which equals approximately 1,000 people. If the requirement is more than 150m3 per day we shall recommend our plants driven by a technology called USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration). In this technology the reactor integrates activation as well as separation in a single tank. The separation of treated water from sludge is achieved through biological filter which is formed by sludge blanket.

Simple and easy
Aqua Unique’s wastewater systems are delivered fully equipped and ready for installation. On location, only the outer tanks need to be constructed. Connect the pipes and power, and the system is in operation.

High treatment efficiency
The parameters of treated water meet the national discharge parameters without any problems. Purification effect of SBR technology is very high and it is in range of 90 to 97%, (BOD5 ca. 97 %, COD ca. 95 %, SS ca. 96 %, N-NH4 ca. 90 %). The parameters are even further exceeded when applying the USBF technology.

Wastewater treatment for your own benefits
As a sidekick treated wastewater can offer your operation huge savings from having to purchase water as it can manageable be recycled (read purified) and used again for your operation. Alternative treated wastewater water can be used free of charge to irrigate your grounds or sold to surrounding farms.

You can also read more about our wastewater solutions here.

Large estates
For larger networks servicing over 3,000 people it often makes sense to separate grey and black water and introduce a biogas production. The main objective for the biogas production is to generate electricity which will be used for running the borehole, water purification and wastewater treatment pumps. As a sidekick to a biogas production –  a very clean and rich fertilizer is produced as a bi-product. This can be sold or used by stakeholders or others. Biogas digested fertilizer is rated amongst the best and most rich fertilizers as the biogas process ensures all viruses are killed and hence therefore much safer to use than traditional manure.

For further information kindly refer to our water management pages here and contact us for further in depth consulting.

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