Water Concepts for Industries

Provide your operation with safe crystal clear water and enjoy savings from recycled water

  • Increase the quality of your products
  • Provide your staff with clean drinking water
  • Avoid waterborne diseases
  • Keep everybody healthy and increase your productivity
  • Earn staff loyalty and give clean water for their families
  • Recycle your wastewater and save money
  • Water your grounds for free
  • Be more ecofriendly

Economic growth relies on water. Aqua Unique offers strategic water management for businesses in Africa. Water is critical for our economy. Every industry from agriculture, floriculture, industrial manufacturing and power plants to food and beverage and tourism relies on water to sustain and grow their business. Vast quantities of water are used for growing food and making beverages. Water can easily absorb up to 15% of a company’s operational expenditures. And drinking water is important for us humans to be alive and stay healthy. Water is in many ways more important than oil.

Strategic water management
Aqua Unique provides strategic water management for industries and businesses. We know sustainable water management will have a direct impact on a company’s economic performance and growth. For industries in rural areas not connected to the sewer grid a responsibility is relied on their operation to ensure that the discharged wastewater meets the national parameters. The same applies to industries generating wastewater above the contaminated limits for grid discharge.

Aqua Unique has many years of experiences in delivering custom build solutions for various industries. We are aware and acknowledge the challenges that are involved in operating a production in Africa, yet the operation is basically being expected to meet international standards.

We design our systems around being cost beneficial to your already exiting operation or new facility. Our water purification technologies ensure you operate your business safely for your customers and staff. Our wastewater treatment technologies guarantee that you meet the national parameters for discharged wastewater by miles. As a sidekick treated wastewater can offer your operation huge savings from having to purchase water as it can manageable be recycled (read purified) and used again for your operation. Alternative treated wastewater water can be used free of charge to irrigate your gardens – either through a simple tap system or a more sophisticated piped irrigation system.

Water purification
There exist a number of different water purification technologies applicable to an industrial production. But if we generalize – the choice is really between two systems.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is generally considered as the safest water purification technology. The alternative and less costly is Ultrafiltration (UF). Both systems shall be combined with pre-filtration and post UV-disinfection (UV-C). Reverse Osmosis systems are delivered in a wide range of sizes – with a purified water production from 1.1m3 to +100,000m3 per day. Ultrafiltration meanwhile tends to be applicable to medium and large sized productions as the water purification production starts from 40m3 to +200,000m3 per day. You can surely find providers offering small particles filters or even smaller Reverse Osmosis plants, but believe us – they are not safe and will breakdown after a few months of use.

A Reverse Osmosis water purification plant removes particles, bacteria, parasites, contaminants, viruses, salts, heavy metals, colour, odour and taste from the source water. While an Ultrafiltration water purification plant reduces particles, colour, odour, contaminants, heavy metals, taste and removes bacteria and parasites from the source water.

For new facilities (yet to be constructed) our innovative solutions include water separation where the water is split into two levels. One level will be multi-usage water for cleaning, washing and toilet use while the second line is pure drinking water for a production requiring a more hygienic water product. This is a very efficient way to save capital investment cost as well later operating cost.

Multi-usage water line. Water will be treated by pre media ­filters and environmental friendly UV disinfection ensuring protection against waterborne spread diseases. Water pipes will be protected against precipitation/scaling.

Pure drinking water line. Water will be purifi­ed most commonly by pre media ­filters, Ultrafiltration or Reverse Osmosis technology in combination with environmental friendly extended UV disinfection.

This solution can also be applied to existing facilities, but can as such include more serious water network renovation work.

Please read more about our Reverse Osmosis technologies here and Ultrafiltration water purification technologies here.

Wastewater systems
Treating wastewater from an industrial operation can be more complicated compared to a hotel, where we are almost certain the wastewater will only be organically contaminated. Industrial wastewater will often hold some chemicals and it is therefore crucial that a water test is analyzed so the correct wastewater treatment technology and post-filtration will be applied.

For organic wastewater we will apply our innovative environmental friendly wastewater plants using only a biological driven technology called SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor). The process is driven by air which pushes the wastewater from the receiving buffer tank to the treatment tank where the biological aeration phase takes place. Operating the treatment system without any pumps reduces the risks of fault tremendously. These plants handle up to 150m3 of wastewater per day. If the requirement is more than 150m3 per day we shall recommend our plants driven by a technology called USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration). In this technology the reactor integrates activation as well as separation in a single tank. The separation of treated water from sludge is achieved through biological filter which is formed by sludge blanket.

For chemical wastewater will shall apply our chemical wastewater treatment plant, Aquachem, designed both for the purification of water by chemical precipitation and by coagulation hydrolysing coagulants. The design flexibility of Aquachem reactor forms the basis for an extremely wide range of technical applications with output from 0.5l/sec to 50l/sec (43m3 to 4,300m3 per day). Examples of industrial use are wastewater neutralization, water softening, by removing temporary hardness, iron and manganese removal of groundwater and many others.

Simple and easy
Aqua Unique’s wastewater systems are delivered fully equipped and ready for installation. On location, only the outer tanks need to be constructed. Connect the pipes and power, and the system is in operation.

High treatment efficiency
The parameters of treated water meet the national discharge parameters without any problems. Purification effect of SBR technology is very high and it is in range of 90 to 97%, (BOD5 ca. 97 %, COD ca. 95 %, SS ca. 96 %, N-NH4 ca. 90 %). The parameters are even further exceeded when applying the USBF technology.

Wastewater treatment for your own benefits
As a sidekick treated wastewater can offer your operation huge savings from having to purchase water as it can manageable be recycled (read purified) and used again for your operation. Alternative treated wastewater water can be used free of charge to irrigate your gardens – either through a simple tap system or a more sophisticated piped irrigation system.

You can also read more about our wastewater solutions here.

You are also very welcome to contact us for a discussion on your existing water set up or new development.