Wastewater Treatment 1001 to 5000 People

Our Aquaclar modular wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat wastewater with capacities ranging from 150m3 to 750 m3 or for 1,001 to 5,000 PE (People). Their capacity is sufficient for small towns and municipalities, satellite communities, decentralized sewerage systems, larger individual building complexes, etc.

This type of wastewater treatment plant is designed for treating all kinds of biologically contaminated wastewaters, both of municipals and industrial character.

Aquaclar systems can be used for reconstructions of old plants to intensify the treatment process and for enlarging the capacity. This is quite a unique feature and does not require an additional enlargement of the wastewater treatment plant site. A simple and flexible design of the technological structures enable a reconstruction of sedimentation and aeration tanks of conventional plants into treatment units used for the Aquaclar mono block reactors. This concept achieves great investment savings, both with constructions of new and reconstructions of classic treatment plants making the construction markedly simpler and shorter.

Technology description
These biological wastewater treatment plants are using the unique and advanced USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration), where the reactor integrates activation as well as separation in a single tank. The separation of treated water from sludge is achieved through biological filter which is formed by the sludge blanket.

High treatment efficiency
Using USBF technology achieves quality treated water suitable not only for direct discharges into sewage system but also suitable for recycling for various technological purposes.
The parameters of treated water meet limits of government regulations without any problems. Purification effect of USBF technology is very high and it is in range of 90 to 98%, (BOD5 ca. 95 %, COD ca. 90 %, NL ca. 95 %, N-NH4 ca. 98 %).

Low maintenance cots
Minimum personnel requirements, low electrical power consumption, auto regulatory process, small volume of excess sludge production are providing for very favourable operating costs.

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