Water Purification – Reverse Osmosis

Aqua Unique’s reverse osmosis technologies is designed to produce pure and safe drinking water. Reverse osmosis is known as a hyperfiltration water technology using semi-permeable membranes. Reverse Osmosis removes particles, bacteria, parasites, contaminants, salts, heavy metals, colour, odour and taste from the source water. The Reverse Osmosis is generally considered as the highest grade of drinking water.

Freshwater, rainwater, seawater and even brackish water can undergo reverse osmosis and be treated into pure and clean drinking water. Our CS-43 and CS-44 is designed to produce clean and safe drinking water for smaller and larger waterworks. Our Ecoline FS-23 and ProffLine FS-23 are engineered for production of demineralised/high purity water for laboratories and food and beverage industries. AU’s reverse osmosis series are easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.

All reverse osmosis plants include: Stainless steel frame, UPVC membrane housings, feed pump, automated backwash system, automated valve systems, PLC control board with user friendly interface HMI colour screen, prepared for CEB (chemical enhanced backwash), full documentation on and operator manual and Q&A/Q&C production features.

It is further possible to include: Flow meter read out, BMS output, web based internet monitoring and GSM modem for SMS alerts.

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A state-of-the-art CS43 Reserve Osmosis plant producing 120l/hr. This Reverse Osmosis plant removes particles, colour, odour, taste and bacteria.


The CS-44 series covers a wide range of products producing from 125 L/hr to 100m3/hr. The installation is pretty much ‘plug-and-play’.


Here a CS-45 medium size Reserve Osmosis plant producing 5,000l/hr. This Reverse Osmosis plant removes particles, colour, odour, taste and bacteria.


Similar to the plant to the left, but with fully automated waste needle valve, PLC control, backwash and high pressure control.


A large CS-44 plant producing 60m3/hr. It is fully remotely controlled either via a triple GSM backed-up connection.