Water recycling and water footprint

Declining water quality and water scarcity affect businesses negatively. Aqua Unique offer companies to address these serious challenges strategically. We identify your water footprint and provide advisory on systematic water use and wastewater discharge. The ultimate goal is to assure influx of high quality water and at the same time limit water usage, focusing on water recycling practices. We are committed to private sector awareness and protection of our water sources.

Recycling water

We can use most waters as long as it has been sufficiently treated. Rainwater, groundwater, surface water and even brackish water and salt water can undergo treatment and made fit for domestic use.

Aqua Unique Africa provides expertise advisory on how you can recycle your water for the most healthy and cost-efficient solution.

Reusing wastewater

Wastewater is increasingly being treated and recycled, limiting the pressure on fresh- water resources and curtailing wastewater discharge into the environment. Recycled wastewater can be used for irrigation, in industrial production or led into underground water storages.

Aqua Unique design and construct the best technical solution for wastewater management. Solutions comprise pretreatment, particle filtration, media filters, activated carbon filtration and ultraviolet disinfection.

Reducing water usage

It is easy to install water saving components or change your water usage routines. Conscious industries and businesses work with us on their water and carbon footprinting.