Wastewater Treatment 11 to 100 People

These small wastewater plants are treating wastewater from 1,5m3 to 15m3 per day or for 11 to 100 people. These plants make use of a biological driven technology called SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor). The process is driven by air which pushes the wastewater from the receiving buffer tank to the treatment tank where the biological aeration phase takes place. Operating the treatment system without any pumps reduces the risks of fault tremendously.

Simple and easy
Aqua Unique’s wastewater systems are delivered fully equipped and ready for installation. On location only the outer tanks need to be constructed. Connect the pipes and power, and the system will be in operation.

Extremely low power consumption – making it an ideal solution for safari camps
The systems are designed that no pump is required. The only power consumption is from a small compressor blowing air into the treatment process. As an example a treatment plant handling the wastewater for 50 people (7,5m3 per day) only uses 550 watt for 9 hours per day making this possible to run of a small solar system.

A wastewater treatment plant for up to 50 people (7,5m3 per day) takes up just over half of 20 foot container. See also the section for Container Solutions here .

High treatment efficiency
The parameters of treated water meet the national discharge parameters without any problems. Purification effect of SBR technology is very high and it is in range of 90 to 97%, (BOD5 ca. 97 %, COD ca. 95 %, SS ca. 96 %, N-NH4 ca. 90 %).

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Wastewater treatments

Wastewater treatments