Wastewater Treatment for Chemical Discharge

Our Aquachem, chemical wastewater treatment plants are designed both for the purification of water by chemical precipitation and by coagulation hydrolysing coagulants. The design flexibility of Aquachem reactor forms the basis for an extremely wide range of technical applications with output from 0.5l/sec to 50l/sec (43m3 to 4,300m3 per day). Examples of industrial use are wastewater neutralization, water softening, by removing temporary hardness, iron and manganese removal of groundwater and many others.

Technology description
The Aquachem plants utilizes fluidized bed filtration for the separating of the wastewater. This is a well tested purification process. The principle of fluidized bed filtration was first discovered for chemical wastewater treatment. It was then later amended for biological treatment and to what we today call USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration).

The main technical feature of the Aquachem clarifier is the new geometric configuration. This enables simplified technology to be built into a plate dividing wall that allows a wide flexibility of shape as well as volume of reaction space. The water softening process is carried out by de-carbonization in combination with mechanical filtering.

Design flexibility
All Aquachem plants can be custom made to meet the individual need according to the wastewater quality.

Low initial costs
The technology used in Aquachem plants are greatly simplified and thus generates the investment and operational savings.

Operational reliability
The automatic de-carbonization units with a simple and reliable dosage of calcium hydrate minimizes the need of onsite maintenance.

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Wastewater treatment

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