Water Purification Products

Aqua Unique has designed a very innovative product line of complete water purification systems especially for the African market. Technologies include the most advanced reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, UV disinfection and media filters.

These products have in common that they are built on very steady frames and caged in extra heavy gauged stainless steel to meet the rough environment in Africa. Further a great attention has been paid to making them as low power consuming as absolutely possible – making a vast majority of the products possible to run on a small solar plant.

Committed to R&D

Aqua Unique Africa is partnering with Norwegian and international universities on the development of new and more advanced water technologies. Universities and researchers are constantly testing water purification applications and suggest improvement when applicable. Our water engineers design and systematically test water treatment technologies before production, following international certified standards for quality assurance and control.

Drink water from your tap

Imagine being able to turn on the tap, fill a class and drink the water. Simple and easy. Without worrying about buying mineral water or risking waterborne diseases. Aqua Unique makes it possible for people living in Africa to enjoy effortless drinking water. We have engineered a product-line for people who want clean and safe water for their families and children.

ISO certification

Aqua Unique’ water technologies are ISO certified or have comparable international standards for quality assurance and control. Our technical partners and suppliers are equally dedicated to professional EHS strategies incorporating ISO certifications and/or ambitious CSR policies. For high quality water assurance and control.