Water Purification – Ultrapure

Electrodeionization – Industrial, hospitals, health and dental clinics

Our high quality electrodeionization application produces ultrapure water for the semiconductor, electronics, laboratories, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as for power generation and petroleum refineries. Electrodeionization is a process that uses ion exchange resins to absorb ions from dilute water stream and then transport the absorbed ions through ion exchange membranes into concentrated water stream under the influence of an applied electro field without the uses of acid and base for resin generation. CS-51-EDI has continuous and automatic process and high water recovery. There is no chemical regeneration, no brine feed and no wastewater discharge. The application has compact design and is easy to install with minimum maintenance.

Produced water will comply to USP, ASTM, CAP, NCCLS, ANSI and AAMI standards.